Greetings in Christ!

Did you get the free resource for Pastor Appreciation Month? Have you been able to share it? If not, that’s OK—we’re sharing it again because we believe in supporting our pastors and ministry staff, not just in October, but every single day!

Please take a moment to share this email with your pastor, ministry staff, or another Christian friend you think may benefit from this free resource. Why do we want you to share this? Because too many pastors and ministry leaders feel like they have few options or don’t know where to start to turn the tide in their ministry challenges.

If you are one of those pastors, we’re here for you. We’ve helped hundreds of pastors rediscover energy and excitement for the mission God gave them when He called them into ministry. Consider signing up with one of our ministry coaches and get ongoing help to burn on—not out—in ministry!

God bless you!

Tracee J. Swank
Leader, Church Doctor Ministries

Kent R. Hunter
Founder, Church Doctor Ministries

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