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Consulting Churches, Coaching Leaders, and Equipping Christians

Are you frustrated that your church isn’t growing?

Is it starting to feel less like a ministry and more like a country club?

Do you feel like all your efforts yield little fruit?

As a nonprofit Christian ministry, we offer proven strategies to help Christians, pastors, and ministry leaders become more effective at their mission: the Great Commission.

Churches Served Across 6 Continents

Books Published

Different Networks And Denominations

Effect Life Change

Our methods help your church grow both deep and wide. Reach the unchurched in your social network, while guiding people into a deeper relationship with Jesus.

Increase Health & Vitality

Track the improvement in your church using our 9 measurable metrics that gauge health, vitality, giving, attitudes, and spiritual growth.

Reduce Stress and Burnout

Our proven process takes the pressure and stress off of your leadership. With ongoing support, you will never feel overwhelmed or confused about what strategy to take.

here’s How It works


First, tell us about your church or ministry. What is working? What is not? What is God’s vision for your church?


We will help you identify the ceilings and roadblocks that are holding you or your church back. Based on 40 years of experience, we can quickly recognize trends and give you insights into how things will unfold.


We guide you in crafting an action plan to break through the ceilings and roadblocks and achieve your goals. We hold our clients accountable to ensure their goals are met.

80% of churches today are plateaued, declining, or growing at a pace slower than their community. If you do not make any changes, things will only get worse.

People will continue to leave the church.

Their relationship with God will suffer.

Your community will miss your influence.


You deserve a strategy to follow that will get results for your church. Partner with a Church Doctor and break through the barriers that have held you back.

John S.

Lakeland, Florida

I have never seen a team of people with the level of superior skills and ability who were more dedicated to being leaders for Christ, than the Church Doctor team. This gives them the ability help a church become a growing and vibrant beacon of hope and encouragement that is so greatly needed in our world today. They do it with genuine and sincere Christian Love!

Pastor Mike G.

Munford, Tennessee

The consultation was so affirming and gave me the courage to move past where we were. Ministry is so much more exciting when you are baptizing people and running back-to-back new-member classes, something I don’t think we would have ever seen if we hadn’t made the changes we made.

Joe & Diane B.

Toledo, Ohio

We have seen and experienced immediate attitude adjustments, softened hearts, less grumbling, increased gratitude, new faces and a clarity of mission and purpose. We are experiencing an awakening, acknowledging God and asking Jesus to equip us to impact friends, neighbors, the city, state, country and the globe for His church.


Church Doctor Ministries is a team of uniquely called individuals working toward a common mission: the transformational change of the Christian Church toward the effective implementation of the Lord’s Great Commission to make disciples of all peoples.







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