Before God brings a revival, He initiates an awakening in churches. An awakening is a wake-up call: Sleeping, resting Christians wake up and get with the program—God’s movement.

There are two biblical lifestyles that are common in all churches whenever an awakening occurs. God’s people discover, develop, and put into use their spiritual gifts, and most Christians get busy doing ministry. Known as “the priesthood of all believers,” everyone is a minister, according to their spiritual gifts.

The concept of spiritual gifts reshapes the atmosphere in every church. In 1 Corinthians 12:11-31, Paul describes the church as a body—the body of Christ. Every Christian has gifts—spiritual attributes given by the Holy Spirit. Each person’s gift mix is unique and different. You don’t decide what gifts you have. The Holy Spirit decides. Your job is not to define your gifts, but to discover them. Your gifts, all the gifts that God has given to you, describe your calling.

All the different gifts describe your unique job description. Collectively, we all—with different gift functions—make up the body of Christ.

How do you look at all the different churches in your city or country? Many look at the others as competition—or ignore them completely.

So, what outreach strategy do you have? Is it to make everyone a Baptist? Or a Methodist? Or a Lutheran—or whatever? Or, is your church, your body of Christ, focused on reaching people for Jesus Christ?

Internally, each church is unique or different. But Christ is the head of the body—every body. It’s odd how some people try to manipulate and direct their church. But the head, Jesus, calls the shots. We do not try to manipulate our church, based on our personal preferences. Jesus, the head, has the final say.

When you do reach out, is it your primary objective to make unbelievers Christians? Paul says, “The old labels are no longer useful.”

Do you try to lead your church according to your own agenda instead of Jesus’ agenda? It’s not about you or your denomination. No part of the body is more important than another part—except the head—Jesus!

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