As information rolls out from religious surveys, the snapshot of secular America comes into focus.  USA Today reported last week (7/20/12, page 3A) that those who check “none” for their religious affiliation are now about one in five Americans (19%).  This is the highest ever documented, according to the Pew Center for the People and the Press.  Consider this about the “nones”:

— 1990 –   6%.

— 2008 – 15%.

— 2010 – 18%.

— 2011 – 19%.

My neighbor, Janice, is one of these “nones.”  She approached me the other day:  “Kent, what do you think of this drought?  Do you think God is maybe mad at us?”  I said, “I don’t know – maybe” (not wanting to talk theology with someone I’d like to introduce to Jesus).

The drought has Janice’s attention.  So does the collapse of Wall Street, gridlock of government, 9/11 (still), abducted children, and a theater of Batman watchers shot and petrified.  Think God has Janice’s attention?  Maybe not!

Perhaps it’s life that has Janice’s attention.  Millions are hungry for hope.  God is yelling at you, Christian.  Can you share hope?  Love?  Joy?  Peace?  How many Janice’s are you reaching, as a believer?  Did you say…“none?”  Then maybe God is yelling at you…and me.

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