On Sundays after church, my wife and I occasionally go out to lunch. Sometimes we eat at the local Culver’s restaurant. I found it interesting that they play Christian music in the background.

I’m a trained missiologist: an enthusiast for reaching lost people for Jesus. I am also a diagnostician, focused on how we reach unbelievers effectively. So, my mind immediately asked, “What kind of Christian music?” The answer? Contemporary. Smart! Why?

In mission terminology, this is the power of contextualization. From the perspective of Scripture, God showed up in the flesh. Jesus was born in Israel — the “promised land.” He was a Jew among Jews. He looked like a Jew, talked like a Jew, ate like a Jew. He fit the context. Why? God is serious about reaching people where they are. Why? The whole plan is about the salvation of lost people far from the God who created them. He loves them and sent His Son — who gave His life for them.

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Church Doctor Report - May/June 2021

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