Every Christian has spiritual gifts given by the Holy Spirit. Identifying your gifts helps you know your Christian service “job description.” When you focus on ministry that utilizes your gifts, you are most fulfilled. However, there is a more important discovery: in every church there are initiators and nurturers.

When Christians know their profile as an initiator or nurturer, they will be greatly helped to understand their calling. In 1 Corinthians 3:5-9, Paul, the Missionary, says “I planted the seed; Apollos nurtured the plant.” Paul was an initiator. Apollos was a nurturer. As always, it’s God who brings the increase.

For church leaders and church members alike, both profiles are important. They are important to an effective church. This issue of the Church Doctor Report will help you identify these distinctive profiles and understand how they work for staff teams, church leadership groups, and areas of ministry throughout your congregation.

Read the full PDF version of this Church Doctor Report.

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