Why Corunna, Indiana?

Where is Corunna, Indiana?

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Who would dream that an international ministry would be located in Corunna, Indiana? Who would ever believe that hundreds of thousands of churches and millions of Christians would have life-changing experiences through the ministry of a handful of people from a village like Corunna, Indiana? Well…who would guess — what good could come out of Nazareth? No, we don’t compare ourselves to Jesus Christ. But, like God, we’re obviously not hung up on having a fancy address!

The powerful ministry of Church Doctor® Ministries has impacted people on six continents since 1975. It is a communication hub via
e-mail, fax, Internet, radio, television, and print. It is a ministry with world-class influence. We believe that God deserves the best. We believe the best can come not only from Madison Avenue, Hollywood and Vine, or Montreal — it can also come from Corunna, Indiana, or Bethlehem, or Ephesus.

Actually, Church Doctor® Ministries is an electronic location. With its several toll-free phone lines, e-mail addresses, Internet website, fax, surface mail, Fed-Ex, UPS, etc., it is a hub of activity that impacts people around the globe.

Early in this ministry, we made a commitment that workers, especially those who travel, should be able to come home to a quality of life. For us, that centers around family. It centers around the countryside, the outdoors, the peaceful life of northeast Indiana and southwest Ohio.

Long before it became popular, we were involved in outsourcing. We didn’t believe that a ministry like this was required to build departments and layers of bureaucracy to accomplish every aspect of every task. We began outsourcing right from the beginning, identifying those efforts that could be most effectively accomplished with the best use of resources, utilizing the most powerful players off-site.

We have always recognized the value of workers having the freedom to work off-site, outside the office. We have encouraged people to work in an environment that is most productive. We have been a ministry that encourages making “house calls,” whether those house calls are at a church in Paris, Tennessee, or at a conference in Almaty, Kazakhstan.

We believe it when the Great Commission literally says that we are to GO and make disciples. For years, the ministry has been called Church Doctor Ministries. It is a center for information, influence, and leadership. The team has always been scattered throughout the country and literally throughout the world.

Before it was a trend, our associates have been geographically dispersed. Our consultation associates are people who live in various locations. Our presenters for workshops and conferences are equipped in specific fields of endeavor. Much of our publishing has been done in Michigan and Ohio. Our book publishers are in Nashville, Tennessee; Chicago, Illinois; Kansas City, Missouri; St. Louis, Missouri; Lima, Ohio; and elsewhere. Resources we send to churches and leaders throughout the world are drop-shipped from publishers located throughout the United States and Canada. The ministry’s Board of Directors live in various areas around the United States.

Years before it became the “thing to do,” we were involved in collaborative models of ministry. Rather than being in competition, we have seen value in collaborating with other ministries. We have collaborated with ministries in Pasadena, California; Lynchburg, Virginia; London, Manchester, Sheffield, Birmingham, and Kent, England; Atlanta, Georgia; Hot Springs, Arkansas; Dallas, Texas; Colorado Springs, Colorado; Phoenix, Arizona; Detroit, Michigan; New York, New York; Minneapolis, Minnesota; Los Angeles, California; Johannesburg, South Africa; Seoul, Korea; Nakuru, Kenya; Lagos, Nigeria; Tokyo, Japan; Manaus, Brazil; Edmonton, Alberta, Canada; Belize, Central America; and elsewhere. Long before it became a trend, we committed to collaboration and cooperation for the sake of the Great Commission.

But Why Here?

The ministry was founded in Detroit, Michigan, where our founder, Kent Hunter, led a turn-around church in an urban cross-cultural setting. From 1978 to 1980, Kent was in retreat in northern Michigan. He wrote books and prepared materials that became the first resources produced by Church Doctor Ministries. As the ministry grew, he looked for a small church that he could pastor. Guess where it was located? God called Kent to Corunna, Indiana. The small staff moved from Detroit to Corunna. He served that rural church part-time. It experienced a turnaround in five years. The Board of Directors approved this location. It met the criteria for a ministry that had a vision for quality of life on the one hand and electronic communication on the other. Furthermore, it is one hour from an airport. The Fort Wayne International Airport is an uncomplicated, non-stressful experience. It provides gateways to the world through Minneapolis, Detroit, Dallas, Atlanta, and Chicago. The area is just far enough south that most winter storms do not complicate travel, yet it provides four distinct seasons and a variety of activities. But there is much more!

The Corunna Secret

U.S. Highway 6, on which the ministry is located, runs from Cape Cod to the West Coast. It is a national interstate highway that provides easy access to Interstate 69. It is just south of the Indiana Toll Road, which provides east and west access. Prior to coming to Corunna, Kent Hunter conducted a demographic study of the area. Recognizing that Fort Wayne would grow in this direction, to the north, he predicted in the early 1980s that land values would continue to grow and quality of life would improve without destroying the small-town way of life that many have come to enjoy. Driving through Corunna on U.S. 6 does not tell the whole story. The secret lies one-half to one mile off the road to the north and to the south. There you will find many surprises. There you will notice numerous homes built by people who have purchased from five to 250 acres of land. They have built houses that range from $200,000 to $2.5 million in value. Kent himself lives on 215 acres. Around the corner is a physician who owns 180 acres. There are many others like this in the area. Since 1980, land prices have more than quadrupled. It is a beautiful area of fields and woods, rolling hills and lakes. It is filled with wildlife. It’s an exciting place to live!

Corunna is located between two cities that provide a slice of small- town Americana. It’s not for everyone, but it’s definitely an ideal environment for raising a family. Auburn is more of a white-collar community. Kendallville is a mixture of white and blue collar. Another community to the north, Angola, is a lake community and a university city. There are 100 lakes located within 50 miles of Church Doctor Ministries. Ohio is a few miles to the west. Tracee Swank, the leader of Church Doctor Ministries, lives in Defiance, Ohio.

Living Here by Choice

Kent Hunter has traveled all over the United States. “I wouldn’t live anywhere else,” says Kent. “The school district is outstanding. Many of the teachers in the public schools are Christians and don’t hide their faith. I like the values and don’t miss the crime, congestion, and other problems you see in the big city.” The band and athletic programs are great. There are Christian schools, including St. John Lutheran School in Kendallville and Lakewood Park in Auburn. There are several golf courses in the area. Furthermore, there are strong Little League programs, YMCAs, the Auburn Cord Duesenberg Museum, International antique car shows, and annual apple and bluegrass festivals, to mention just a few. Tracee lives in the country on several acres and a lake.

Housing is very reasonable. Churches are abundant. Shopping is excellent in the small stores in the area. Both Kendallville and Auburn have Super Wal-Mart stores. The largest shopping mall in Indiana is located 30 minutes away on the north side of Fort Wayne. North Fort Wayne has numerous restaurants, hospitals, and movie theaters. It provides a symphony orchestra, science museum, children’s zoo, hockey, and minor league baseball and soccer teams. Both Kendallville and Auburn have wonderful family restaurants. There are also fast food restaurants and Mexican, Greek, German, Amish, and Chinese restaurants. There are several local hotels, including Best Western, Holiday Inn Express, Auburn Inn, Super 8, Days Inn, Comfort Suites, Hampton Inn, and LaQuinta. Auburn has a multiplex theater.


The Church Doctor Ministries office is nice, but plain. Our commitment has avoided spending ministry resources on fancy buildings. We don’t feel we have to impress anyone. Our quality of work is reflected in our resources, stationery, website, the way we answer the phone, and the quality work we provide. We are strongly committed to these quality aspects and comfort for our staff, but not luxury.

This is an excellent place to live and work. People are friendly, traffic is light, scenery is wonderful, crime is low, and the investment in real estate has a strong, promising future. Corunna, Indiana, in church circles, has become famous as a location of influence and leadership for helping the church become more effective in fulfilling the Great Commission to make disciples of all nations. Corunna, Indiana, has become part of our brand, known around the Christian world. Years ago, Kent and the Board of Directors prayed, and by God’s direction, put a stake in the ground. Since then, we have invited some special associates to join us in this special place, and others have joined our team, working from locations throughout the world..

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