The Philosophy of Ministry of Church Doctor Ministries is focused toward the goal of the transformational change of the Christian Church toward the effective implementation of the Lord’s Great Commission to make disciples of all peoples. We help churches one Christian at a time. Ministry is conducted through three primary channels, reciprocally related (they build upon one another): resources, educational events, and consultation services. These ministries are headquartered at the Church Doctor Ministries Center in Corunna, IN.

Church Doctor Ministries is a non-profit ministry. This status helps the organization function as a ministry, not just a business. It enables the ministry to provide resources and services at a price that allows more people to be involved. The ministry is not limited only to those who can afford it. The ministry is subsidized by gifts from individuals, foundations, and churches.

The non-profit status of Church Doctor Ministries enables people to give tax-deductible donations to the work of the ministry. This serves the purpose of lowering the cost of resources and services, and it provides opportunities for people to invest and share in this ministry. It means that, while people cannot physically be present on the staff of the ministry, they can have a part in the ministry. This, in turn, gives individuals who support this work a broader view of the Great Commission and the vision of a World Christian.

The attitude of Church Doctor Ministries is evangelical in tone and Christ-centered. We believe people are saved by God’s grace through faith in Jesus Christ alone. We believe God’s call is not just for people to believe, but to grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ and in discipleship as responsible members of the Body of Christ. We are committed to practices that reflect a biblical worldview. We constantly reevaluate the quality and the quantity of our work. We are always working to be most effective. We have a passion for excellence because we believe that Christ and His Church deserve the very best. We are open to correction and improvement.

The scope of this ministry is inter-denominational, non-denominational, and international. Many of the ministry’s resources have been translated into other languages. There is no limit to the worldwide impact of this ministry. We are committed to multiplication. The ministry is indigenous. It uses materials, resources, or services set within the context of the culture in which they are being used. While not compromising biblical integrity, this indigenous translation is essential for the effective use of the ministry.

In this ministry, people are the most valuable asset. Quality people make quality organizations. Quality people will develop quality products and services and present them in a quality way. The key is people.

This ministry invests its resources generously in the development of people. Each year, staff are involved in goal setting and are challenged to improve their skills and their knowledge. The ministry provides opportunities for learning, travel, and expansion of the capabilities of its workers.

The ministry is positive toward the work of the Lord. It is not a reactionary group that focuses on criticism. It does not wish to be known for what it is against. Yet, it is categorically against the work of Satan. The ministry is offensive, rather than defensive, in nature. It is intentional rather than haphazard. It is optimistic rather than negative. It is future-oriented rather than caught in ruts of traditionalism.

The mission is on the cutting edge of new projects and ministries. The ministry is forward-looking. It is inventive and entrepreneurial. There is an atmosphere of permission to risk and to fail. New ideas are accepted. Dreams and visions are important. This type of ministry is led by paradigm pioneers: challenging the church to see things differently.

This ministry is designed to attract those who have the dominant spiritual gift of faith: adventuresome people who like to be on the cutting edge. They are experimenters. They have a passion for people lost without Jesus Christ.

The people who serve through Church Doctor Ministries are called to ministry. They are people who work hard. They work in an atmosphere of trust. No one monitors their hours or days. They work far beyond any requirement. They give way beyond what people would give in a normal job. These are people in ministry. They are called by God to Great Commission ministry. They serve with the prestige and honor of knowing that He is blessing their work.

We who serve in this ministry consider each other as family. We foster camaraderie of commitment that permeates the very fiber and core of the group as a whole. We recognize spiritual gifts and the diversity of gifts. We avoid competition or envy. Equal honor is given to each and every one according to the gift that God has given. Each one works as part of a team of diverse members, contributing to the goals and objectives that God has placed before this ministry. The informality and mutual respect among the members is part of our desire for an atmosphere of kindness and love, which only the Spirit of Jesus Christ can produce. There is mutual admiration for those who are the dreamers and the visionaries, for those who are the nuts and bolts “doers,” and for those in between — the managers who keep it all tied together. The staff is called to live above reproach — avoiding any activities that jeopardize the honor of Jesus Christ.

This document is not intended as rules and regulations of an organization. This is the spirit of the Spirit. This is the spirit of a group of people whom God has used and continues to use mightily for the building of His Kingdom. We are sold out to the Gospel. We are “monomaniacs” who have a singleness of mind and purpose as God uses us to empower and equip other Christians around the globe for the effective implementation of God’s Great Commission to make disciples of all peoples, to the glory of Jesus Christ!

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