Mission, Values, Beliefs

The Mission of Church Doctor Ministries:

The transformational change of the Christian Church toward the effective implementation of the Lord’s Great Commission to make disciples of all peoples. (Printer-friendly PDF version)

The ministry of Church Doctor® Ministries has impacted people on every continent since 1975.

What We Value: (Printer-friendly PDF version of values and beliefs)

  • God deserves our very best.
  • Precision is of the essence.
  • Servanthood is our posture.
  • Treating the causative issue, not the symptom, is the best stewardship of time.
  • We guard the stewardship of time, money, and human resources with accountability to God, recognizing faithfulness in small things permits faithfulness in large things.
  • Out of respect for other workers and best stewardship (even for those who follow us), we go beyond “doing the work” toward “building the ministry” — by developing systems, procedures, and repeated patterns of productivity.
  • Our work ethic is based on a strong commitment to be most productive for God’s work of world evangelization.
  • We remain flexible to the changing needs of our client churches and Christians, yet focused on our purpose (I Cor. 9:22).
  • We remain open to change and innovation.
  • We conduct ourselves in a manner above reproach.
  • We will deal with conflict and communicate with each other according to the direction of Matthew 18.

What We Believe:

  • There are already enough Christians in the world to win the world.
  • Christians and churches need to be educated, motivated, and encouraged to fulfill the Great Commission.
  • The primary purpose of the church is to fulfill the Great Commission.
  • God wants the lost to be found and brought into the church.
  • Lost people matter to God.
  • Grace-centered mission requires indigenous, culture-sensitive strategies and methods.
  • People are saved by grace alone.
  • Only Jesus Christ builds the church.
  • God uses people to reach people with the Gospel, which is the power of salvation.
  • The growth of the church includes growing up, together, out, and more.
  • God gives each person different spiritual gifts to be used for the building up of the body.
  • Great people, ministries, and churches do very few things very well.
  • Our goal is to be used by God to contribute to a move of God, beginning with renewal in the churches and leading to revival in the world.

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