Who We Serve in Ministry

In over 30 years of ministry we have worked with a diverse selection of churches, denominations, ministry groups and church networks. 

Here is a sampling of those we have served:

American Association of Lutheran Churches
American Baptist Churches, USA
Anglican Church of Great Britain
Assemblies of God
Association of Evangelical and Reformed Churches
Association of Evangelical Congregations
Baptist General Conference
Baptist Union of Great Britain
Bishop Francis Macharia—Kenya and Central Africa Movement
Calvary Ministries International
Campus Crusade for Christ, Cambodia
Campus Crusade for Christ, USA
Christ for India
Christian Churches and Churches of Christ
Christian Missionary and Alliance
Christian Reformed
Church of England
Church of God (Anderson, IN)
Church of the Lutheran Brethren of America
Church of the Nazarene
Churches of God General Conference
Cumberland Presbyterian
Disciples of Christ
Evangelical Congregational
Evangelical Lutheran Church in America
Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada
Evangelical Lutheran Church of Brazil
Evangelical Lutheran Church of England
Evangelical Mennonite Church
Fellowship of Evangelical Churches
FourSquare Gospel
Free Methodist Church of North America
Independent Bible Churches
Independent Charismatic
Independent Pentecostal
Lutheran Church Canada
Lutheran Church Missouri Synod
Lutheran Church of Australia
Lutheran Church of Southern Africa
Lutheran Church of Japan
Lutheran Congregations in Mission for Christ
Mennonite General Conference
Midwest Congregational Fellowship of Rural Churches
Missionary Church
Old Order Mennonite
Ongoing Ambassadors for Christ
Pentecostal Church of Great Britain
Presbyterian Church in Brazil
Presbyterian Church in the United States of America
Presbyterian Church in Canada
Reformed Church in America
Reformed Church of South Africa
Salvation Army
Southern Baptist Convention
The Brethren Church (Ashland, OH)
United Brethren in Christ
United Church of Christ
United Church of Canada
United Methodist
Wesleyan Church (The)
Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod
Youth With a Mission

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