Leading from the Center of God’s Will

Who does God call us to be as leaders of the church? 

Leaders in ministry face many challenging questions. The answers are not hard to find: millions of pages have been written about leadership and the skills needed to lead effectively. So how is it with all of this information many leaders struggle?

This event, featuring Dr. Kent R. Hunter, will help you understand the foundations of biblical leadership and how to lead from an understanding of God’s will and purpose for you as a leader. Kent has helped thousands of ministry leaders discover where God is moving and blessing. 

You’ll gain a better understanding of: 

What a leader actually does.

The role of discipleship in leading.

The key aspects of spiritual formation and disciplines involved in leading effectively.

How to build a culture of leadership in your church based on biblical worldviews.

How your current church government and decision-making processes can help or hurt your ability to lead.

The practical application of leadership in facilitating meetings, dealing with conflict, and achieving success in ministry.

PLUS — You’ll receive a participant workbook filled with next-step assignments and a resource listing to help you implement and support what you learn. 

BONUS PRICING — The more people you bring from your church, the LOWER the cost of registration for your entire group! 

“Kent will take your church to a whole new level.”

~ John C. Maxwell

What others are saying about this event…

 “This sort of event is just what we need for our lay leaders!” (Pastor, Michigan) 

“One of the best events I ever attended—most useful, uplifting, encouraging, and appropriate.” (Leader, Michigan)

 “Very helpful and practical. Puts church leadership into proper perspective.” (Leader, Michigan)

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