At the core of our philosophy of ministry is the idea that disciples are not made by what you know – disciples are made by what you do with what you know.

We continue to design unique teaching events and knowledge sharing opportunities for church leaders to learn and grow together. You do not need a seminary degree in theology in order to learn, share, grow, and make disciples who multiply and expand God’s Kingdom.

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Workshops and Teaching Events Include:

Biblical Discipleship: The X Factor
God’s plan for the church is growth through multiplication. Discover the power of relational disciple-making, the role of spiritual formation in discipleship, and how making new disciples takes place in our everyday lives. You will learn the primary strategies everyone in your church should know about The Great Commission, Jesus’ approach to disciple-making, and key spiritual disciplines that help with disciple-making.

Change and Your Church*
You do not need a seminary degree in theology in order to learn, share, grow, and make disciples who multiply and expand God’s Kingdom. Every church experiences change, so why is it so challenging? Find out why the approach to change is programmed for conflict and understand the spiritual issues behind change resistors. Learn the biblical role of leadership for meaningful change and how to handle church bullies who hijack the church.

Healthy Churches Thrive! Energize Your Church for Impact*
According to Jesus, what is the main responsibility, Job #1, of a pastor? If Jesus was your senior pastor, what would change in your church? This workshop answers these questions and focuses on how you can maximize people for outreach without adding to your church budget. Other areas of discussion include: Is your church reaching its potential for making disciples, how can you train others to share their faith, even with those they already know, and why is Islam outpacing Christianity for the first time in history?

Leading from the Center of God’s Will
Leaders in ministry face many challenging questions, and the answers are not necessarily hard to find. Millions of pages have been written about leadership and the skills needed to lead effectively. So why, with all of this information, do many leaders struggle? Join us for this workshop as we help you understand the foundation of biblical leadership, how to lead from an understanding of God’s will and purpose, how to deal with conflict, and the key aspects of spiritual formation. Learn how you can use the practical application of leadership to facilitate meetings and how to use effective leadership to achieve success in ministry.

Missionary Outreach Clinic
Do you want everyone in your church trained to be outreach-ready? Do you want your church to make a greater impact on your community, the unchurched, and postmodern young adults? This workshop is developed to bring outreach into the 21st century and includes insights learned from cutting-edge churches around the world. The best practices provided in this workshop are not a program, but universal principles with practical implications. They can be implemented by any Christian, in any church. This is designed to empower everyone in your church to be outreach-sensitive and productive, whether they
are gifted in evangelism or not. When it comes to outreach, most churches do 95% well, leaving a 5% gap that makes a huge difference! We will show you how to fill that gap.

Reaching Young Adults
While most churches are losing young adults, this workshop focuses on what your church can do to empower the next generation. We will define the “Millennial” or “Gen Y” generation, learn what influences and motivates the “Millennial” generation, and discuss how God uses “Millennials” to reach this country for Christ. Discussion will also include: How young adults are active and engaged in their faith today, how young adults are the key ingredient for a breakthrough movement for the Christian faith, and what inexpensive and strategic plans can be used to reach young adults for Christ.

Turning Your Church Inside Out
The bridges that God uses are relationships, which provide the environment to, not only meet felt needs with integrity, but engage the culture in a way that leads to Christian witness. Meeting felt needs and building bridges are indispensable. Ultimately, this leads to engaging culture for the purpose of relevant gospel communication. What would your congregation look like if it became more missional, and how would you go about creating that kind of change? Discover how missional communities will function in the context of your church’s current ministry.

Move Your Church to Action
It seems that one of the greatest challenges church leaders have is developing a vision for their church — where you’re going in the future. That may be because you are too close to the forest to see the trees. This workshop will help you to see the forest and the trees, and how to navigate through uncharted territory.

70 Days of Vision Campaign
A 10-week intensive small group study to focus your congregation on transformational change towards a biblical worldview. Advertise and commit to small group study with the purchase of materials. Minimal cost involved for reshaping congregational thinking patterns.

Worldview Campaign
When you want to get to the root cause of an unhealthy church, and the behavior that discourages, disrupts, and undermines your potential.

Spiritual Gifts Analysis and Workshop
Complete a Spiritual Gifts Profile, followed by the Bible study Gifted for Growth, with cards to complete so you can be added to a computer or hard-copy file (completed by each person). Also includes a spiritual gifts discovery event: “I’m Special: Discover Your Spiritual Gifts.” Minimum 100 people.

* Specialized half-day workshops – call for details

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