Who is your coach?  Athletes have them.  Why?  They want to win!  As the leader of your church, you want to lead your team to win your community for Christ.  As the Apostle Paul said, “Run the race…to win the prize.” (1 Corinthians 9:24 NIV)

The seismic changes in the culture today, the resulting challenges and opportunities for the church, the pressures of leading a dynamic ministry of staff and volunteers—this is a huge task!  There are hundreds of conferences—you can’t attend them all.  There are thousands of new books, CD’s, and Web sites about help for churches—you simply can’t consume them all.

The Scripture says, in Proverbs, “A wise man has many counselors.” (Proverbs 15:22).  Every church leader will benefit from affordable, specialized, personalized, ongoing coaching.  This is one of the newest and most rapidly growing ways to help churches—through coaching leaders.  Most coaches of church leaders are a “one-person operation.”  While your coach will be your personal connection, at Church Doctor Ministries, your coach has continuing interface with the largest, most thorough team of professionals assembled to help churches become effective for the Great Commission.  All this wisdom, over thirty years of experience; help to thousands of churches on six continents; in 65 denominations, fellowships, and networks in the U.S; over two dozen complimentary services; a growing army of Church Doctors—all this support for your personal coach.

Engage in a process that will help you work through roadblocks, challenges, and barriers to personal and professional development and growth. Our coaching approach is simple. We help Christian leaders unleash the capacity to realize their God-inspired best in life and in ministry.

We provide an objective partnership that that allows you to explore options and strategies to grow in faith and function. Accountability, honest input, powerful and focused conversations serve as the foundation for every coaching interaction. As you discover new learnings and develop clarity and vision for your future your Church Doctor Ministry Coach will be there to celebrate and pray with you as reach your full Kingdom potential.

Church Doctor Ministries offers the following coaching packages:

Coaching for Church Leaders

Personal attention from a Church Doctor ministry coach using a process of one-on-one coaching involving goal setting and action planning. Coaching sessions may be by phone, personal visit, or a combination of the two. Your coach will provide the framework and procedure to help pastors, staff members, and ministry leaders reach their full potential and greater effectiveness in ministry. Leadership team coaching is also available.

Finishing Well

Transition coaching for retiring ministers and churches transitioning toward new leadership. Your Church Doctor will help to develop a plan of succession that works. They will help you develop a transition plan Philosophy of Ministry document, structure a timetable that honors the retiring minister, assimilates the successor and serves your church, and avoid transitional pitfalls. Especially beneficial to those churches experiencing a long vacancy or the need for effective transition after a long pastoral tenure.

Personal Career Coaching

This confidential coaching (not counseling) will help you make a decision about God’s direction or new direction for your life and service in His Kingdom. Begins with a one-hour phone conversation, by appointment, with a certified coach.

Coaching for Missional Preaching

Most pastors are trained to preach to an American culture that no longer exists. When you face worshipers who live in the third largest mission field in the world, raised in maintenance-orientated churches, the way you preach has tremendous impact on whether or not a mission mentality is developed in your church. As you face increasingly post-modern crowds, preaching has to change. We’ll help you by analyzing your present sermons, telling you when they’re good, and suggesting changes that will help your preaching move your church to mission-mindedness.

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