Well, you MUST NOT destroy it! The reason? If you are ever brought to litigation that charges you with wrong during the time that policy was in force, you will need to produce the policy and you should not depend on the liability insurance carrier at the time to have a copy. Keep them filed in a safe place.

Additionally, you should set a meeting with your board of directors and the agent of record of the policy to have the agent go over the policy with the board making certain everyone is on the same page as to what you are covered for and not covered for. There should not be any cost for this important educational meeting.

Particularly, have the agent of record inform you and the board as to the specific exclusions contained in your liability insurance policy. And, make certain they explain the process and deadlines as to filing claims.

Most folks will never read their liability insurance policy, but that does not relieve them from the obligation from knowing what it says. It is, therefore, a prudent decision to speak with the agent of record in order to become adequately educated to the policy’s ins and outs.

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