It says in the New Testament that Jesus wept over Jerusalem. He wept because Jerusalem was going to be destroyed—and, not too many years later, it was!

Why would God let Jerusalem be destroyed? This is a holy place! This is where the great temple was located! This is where people came from all over the world to worship the one true God! So, what’s up with that?

Jesus wept over Jerusalem and its coming destruction because most of the people in Jerusalem did not recognize the movement of God in Christ. It could be said that the same thing happened to mighty Rome.

It doesn’t take a holocaust from heaven to destroy anything. When people turn away from God, they self-destruct as well as destroy everything around them. Consider the decline of Christianity in some countries. What is the result? Closed churches. Worship facilities torn down. Defunct seminaries. Whole denominations that are a bureaucratic shadow of their former selves.

In Luke 19:41-44, Jesus spoke about the total destruction of those who do not follow the movement of God in Christ. He said, “Not one stone will be left intact. All this because you didn’t recognize and welcome God’s personal visit.”

Can it happen again? Absolutely!

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