We at Church Doctor Ministries thank God for many blessings, starting with YOU!

  • Your shared commitment helps churches more effectively reach people for Jesus Christ.
  • Your prayers for those who serve in this ministry are so valued.
  • Your financial support helps us serve pastors, church leaders, and whole congregations to increase their ministry effectiveness.

It is a great privilege to invest in strategic ministries that change lives and empower others to perform more effective ministry.

So many churches in this country are declining! As America becomes more like a mission field, church leaders are realizing that effective outreach is limited without mission training.

Thank God, with us, that this ministry operates with those mission principles and helps church leaders learn and apply them. How important do you think that is:

  • For pastors and church leaders?
  • For reaching the majority of unchurched people in this country?
  • For the future of this nation?

There is a saying, “When things get bad enough, people become receptive to learn, grow, and improve.” This is our mission: to help Christians retool for the mission field our nation has become. We couldn’t—we wouldn’t—be doing that without your prayers and financial support.

The Scripture says, “All heaven rejoices when one sinner repents.” We can be certain that all heaven rejoices when Christians and churches become more effective in reaching lost people. When churches become more effective, your city, your country, and our world get better.

Yes, that is why we thank God for you—not just at Thanksgiving, but all year round. Thank you for investing in this ministry!

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