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Kent R. HunterRaised in an institutional version of the church leads to all kinds of aberrations: “we’ve never done it that way before”; “we’ve always done it this way”; “we can’t afford that”; “I’m not comfortable with that.”

Our world is defined by limitations of aesthetic bureaucracy: “business as usual” rather than New Testament movement thinking.

Then, the world around us changes. And in recent decades, it changes dramatically and more rapidly than perhaps at any time before in history. In the static church, the form is subtly more important to us than results. The structure becomes more important than the movement. The programs are more sacred than the substance. The movement has become a monument. Look at these nine dots. Connect them with just four lines.


Movement liberates us to think “outside the box.” Sometimes we become limited by the boundaries of our vision. This requires a paradigm shift. Paradigm shift is exactly what Jesus did: new wine, new wine skins. The wine can never change. The wine skin must.

Help write my new book and provide me feedback on this article. Please comment below! – Kent

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