Ministry isn’t always smooth sailing. However, sometimes the rough waters are opportunities for God to demonstrate who He is.

In fact, it could be that many Christians have never had a major God experience because they are so risk-averse they spend most of their existence as believers in the realm of the world, where those without faith operate. You can’t find “play-it-safe” Christianity in the New Testament.

Some churches have intellectually put away enough money to operate their church for six to eight months. It’s OK to be prepared, but for some of these big churches, that’s a huge amount of money. What if Jesus returned and asked, “Why didn’t you reach the lost people within a mile of your church with that money?” Are you really going to say, “We wanted to spend some money on outreach, but we needed it for our ‘rainy day’ fund”?

In Acts 27, Paul is on his way to share Jesus with the Roman emperor. Some will say, “That’s not a story of someone willing to risk. He was under house arrest.”

Not so! Paul had been tried by King Agrippa and found innocent of the charges trumped up by the Jewish religious leaders. It was Paul who appealed to the high court in Rome.

On the way, the ship carrying Paul and others was under siege by a storm near the island called Caluda, in the Mediterranean Sea. No smooth sailing there! Yet, in the danger and risk of losing their lives, God acted. Paul got a visit from God’s angel saying, “Everyone on board the ship will be saved. Paul, you’ll get your chance to witness to Caesar.” You can’t sail and get anywhere unless you’re willing to leave sight of the shore. Trust God and move out beyond your comfort zone!

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