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I would like to share with you a recent article written about a church we are working with in Toledo, Ohio. I am sharing this not because I’d like for you to see our work or get connected with the Toledo FAVS website, although I really want you to connect with my friend David Yonke. I am really sharing this because of the level of frustration and discontent I am sensing from a number of church leaders and staff who are going through a pastoral retirement or transition without the needed resources, strategy, or help.

In the very near future many churches will begin to experience the retirement or the transition of a senior pastor or senior leader on their team. Many pastors wait too long or refuse to plan for this type of change in their church. Even when they have a personal plan in place for their financial well being that extends a few years, few seem to plan for their church’s well being more than a few months out ahead of their retirement announcement.

This article serves as a tremendous example for pastors, staff team, and ministry leaders for the health and vitality of a congregation to have a long term plan and what it means to get help to navigate this type of change in your church.

We continue to pray for churches, pastors, and ministry leaders as they face this type of transition. It’s essential to get a plan, have a strategy, and get help in order for your church to survive and thrive. Doing this can be an important part of the legacy left behind by a senior leader.

If you are a senior leader facing retirement in the next 2-3 years, do you have a plan? Are you getting help to create a well thought out strategy or do you plan on going it alone?

(Credit: Photo by David Yonke/Toledo Faith & Values)

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