Denominations, Networks, Associations

How do you help churches become vital and healthy in the most productive way?  How can you develop a plan for the churches you oversee, which inspires enthusiasm for ministry, builds ownership, and stimulates involvement?

It is through the process of wrestling with these issues that Church Doctor Ministries has developed a thorough, strategic, planning process for regional groups of churches.

Church Doctor Ministries has developed a process to help denominations or regional church units develop a comprehensive strategic plan to guide churches through the challenges and opportunities of the 21st Century.  The features of this strategic planning process include:

~ A diagnosis of the health and vitality of each church within your responsibility area, with specific encouragement and direction tailored for each congregation.

~ Input from the grass roots.  Individuals within each congregation have opportunity to feed insights and ideas to the leadership in a way that provides you with an accurate pulse on the thinking at the local level.

~ A process that begins with a qualitative research component that individualizes the strategic plan from the beginning, to the unique ethos, culture, and values of your particular denomination or judicatory.

~ Ongoing follow up and support from a highly respected and seasoned team of “Church Doctors” dedicated to the implementation required to move plans into action.

~ A team of research analysts, consultants, and diagnosticians who love the local church.

~ Thirty years of experience helping over 60 denominations, judicatories, networks, associations, and movements.

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