Pastors around the world have been challenged to keep up with the evolving social constructs of online worship, worship music, and traditionalism versus contemporary aspects. These challenges not only take a toll on the pastors but also on the whole church – from the staff to the congregation, everyone is affected by what the social standards become in church. Eighty percent of churches today are plateaued, declining, or growing at a pace slower than their communities.

Churches want to find answers about how to grow and become better churches, but are they ready to become disciples who make disciples? Church Doctor Ministries can help congregations become equipped to make disciples who make disciples. Our Readiness for Renewal Assessment is ready to use completely online. This assessment is geared to help churches increase spiritual formation, multiply discipleship, and expand their community influence and impact.

Church Doctor Ministries provides proven strategies to help churches reach more people. Here’s how we do it: 1) Get a free quote for the Readiness for Renewal Assessment here. 2) Take the completely online assessment and receive a personalized report for your church. 3) Receive follow-up coaching to help your church adapt and thrive.

Stop looking for the next big thing (or, rather, ministry challenge) and learn how your church can renew its ministry efforts now. So, get a free quote and, in the meantime, read Adapt and Thrive After COVID-19, a free e-book!

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