As you prepare to celebrate Christmas, celebrate this: 

  • As a Christian, you are a more important part of this country than ever before.
  • God has a part for you to play in restoring this nation.
  • This is not your civil duty; it is your Kingdom privilege

Even though Christianity has been declining for decades in this country, it has finally started to rebound. This is the greatest cause for hope, and you make a difference! Jesus came to Earth on that first Christmas. His presence changes people — like you. Through you, Jesus changes the world. How? 

Live your faith! 

  • Pray for our nation. Just look at a penny. Read it: “In God we trust.” Pray for that, for “one nation under God.”
  • Thank God for Christians, like you, who are rising up, saying, “No more!” to the misbehavior, the uncivilized trends that undermine our nation.
  • Speak out to those who are younger than you: Let them know how much your faith in Jesus means to you.
  • Pray for your church to recapture effective strategies to reach generations of young believers.
  • Pray for us at Church Doctor Ministries as we work tirelessly to help Christians and churches become effective in reaching the mission field of America. 

As you pray, ask God to show you how you can make a difference. As you celebrate the birth of Jesus, focus on why He came and what He would want you to do to be part of the solution. Because Jesus lives in you, you can make a difference. Have a great Christmas celebration — every day — all year long!

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Your partners for a Christian nation,

Kent R. Hunter, Founder

Tracee J. Swank, Leader

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