Happy Thanksgiving from Church Doctor Ministries

We Thank God for You!

As a friend of Church Doctor Ministries, we give thanks to God for you! We really do! We regularly take prayer requests from our friends and ministry partners and pray regularly for those requests.
This is thanksgiving. 

We appreciate those who support this ministry in various ways. Around our office, we have lists on the wall of those who have helped us purchase and renovate our office, those who helped us fix our sewer, those who helped us put on a new roof, those who helped us purchase our missionary house – used by missionaries in the U.S. and around the world, as well as lists of those who support part of our salaries. Thanksgiving is not a once-a-year holiday for us. For us, it is a lifestyle!

This is thanksgiving.

We thank God for you and for your generosity. This is a gift of God, and a sign of spiritual maturity. Generous support partners, like you, believe God is a God of abundance. He promises to supply all our needs.  Giving thanks means a whole lot more for those of us who live by faith in our God of abundance.

This is thanksgiving.

In the spirit of abundance, we make this pledge: we will continue to honor your partnership and your friendship and give God our very best. This is our life. There is so much more we could do, as God supplies more financial resources.

Would you celebrate this Thanksgiving, in part, by sharing a special gift to this ministry? God is blessing our work at a significant level. We are thankful! We need to help more churches become effective to reach more people for Jesus Christ, and grow in discipleship and spiritual formation. Will you help us?

Thank you, in advance, for your support.

This is thanksgiving.

Bless you!

Thanksgiving Support and Prayer Opportunities
Prayer Support: 
Join our prayer network by emailing your
contact information to Jason Atkinson.
Thanksgiving Financial Gift Options
Financial gifts may be mailed to:
Church Doctor Ministries
Box 145, 1230 US Hwy Six
Corunna, IN 46730
Thrivent Members: Thrivent Choice Dollars may be given by going to Thrivent.com/thriventchoice or call 800-THRIVENT and state “Thrivent Choice.” We give thanks to God for you!


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