As a second call to urgency, this becomes a timing issue. Throughout history, the followers of God have traveled spiritual cycles.


The cycle begins with the people of God who are “right with God.” In the Old Testament, there was a parallel comment, “…and all is right in the land.” Life was good, people got along, optimism was strong, and faith in God marked the environment.  It was never one hundred percent, but a critical mass defined life.

Spiritual drift occurs next. Many become content and focused on material objects, slowly and subtly falling away from God. God sends prophets. People run them out of town, or worse, stone them to death. Life and civilization deteriorates until hopelessness sets in. This is likely where the U.S. is today.

Before a coming revival, there is an awakening—a wake-up call Paul addressed with the church at Rome. Every Christian church in America is faced with a potential wake-up call right now. WAKE UP OR SLEEP—YOUR CHOICE.

To ignite in the wake-up movement, the Holy Spirit has touched some Christians in every church. They have Holy Discontent, also called Spiritual Restlessness. (These are names we invented for those people). As you read this, if your heart is beating faster and your mind is racing with excitement, you likely have Spiritual Restlessness or Holy Discontent. You are a pioneer to start a movement in your church. However, one large hurdle remains: Your church, in all likelihood, does not know how to effectively reach unchurched people for Christ.

This is excerpted from the November/December 2015 Church Doctor Report – Is There a Four-Alarm Fire In Your Church?: Reaching Unchurched People Today.

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