You’ve probably heard the joke: “How many Christians does it take to change a light bulb at church?” The answer: “Who said anything about change?”

So many believers are in the dark about the movement dimension of faith. It’s human nature to drift toward faith that is fixed. At its extreme is religion—practices of faith—the containers. The cycle occurs on three levels.

Level #1 is personal faith. When we are baptized, we get a rebirth certificate. It’s better than a driver’s license, because it never needs to be renewed. Or does it? Spiritual renewal is powerful!

Level #2 is church. Depending on wealth, we build places of worship that last forever—so we think. Some even believe these structures are more spiritual if we use a style patterned after our faithful ancestors of several centuries ago. Many Christians cling to styles and dress codes baptized as “sacred.” You get a membership certificate that lasts longer than your car insurance.

Level #3 represents Christian movements. They are defined by geographical areas or denominational names. Yet, in truth, they don’t last forever, either.

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