change-671514_640I am committed to make a contribution to a reversal in the trend of the decline of the Christian church, particularly in North America. The church is God’s mechanism for changing the world. The church, the local church, as Bill Hybels says, when it does what God has called it to do, and does it right, it is the greatest mechanism for change in the universe.

I am committed to helping the local church, one church at a time. But the end goal is not that church. It is one church after another until a momentum is formed; a momentum that will provide influence on yet other churches and then a movement is formed. My call from God is to do this. I am prepared to make the sacrifice and I am committed to the process. By God’s grace, this will be accomplished, or I will die trying. Either way, I die fulfilled. My nation, on my watch, will not go down the toilet.

Kent Hunter, founder of Church Doctor Ministries, is known as the Church Doctor. His most recent e-books are The Future Is Now and The J-Dog Journey, available at no cost. Contact him at (800) 626-8515, by emailTwitter, Facebook, or visit

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