This issue of the Church Doctor Report focuses on the challenges and opportunities for reaching American Muslims for the Christian faith.

New immigrants are exceptionally receptive to the Christian faith, in the context of a friendship that provides help for the assimilation process into their new country.

This issue tackles the theological discussion held among missiologists and theologians concerning the entry point for introducing Christ to a Muslim (or Hindu). There is evidence to indicate that it is more valuable to move the focus from the suffering and death of Jesus on the cross (as a beginning point of the conversation) to the triumphant resurrection and ascension of Jesus to begin a conversation and consideration of the Christian faith.

This issue introduces the phenomenal success of “International Friendship Centers” established in American churches, organized by POBLO International. This platform is effective for reaching Muslims for Christ, moving toward baptism and church membership. Muslims who become Christians in this way are effective missionaries to fellow Muslims.

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