Ever watch the news and feel the world is coming unglued? Do you feel helpless in the face of senseless shootings, the opioid addiction mess, the gridlock in Washington, the lack of respect that is tearing apart our humanity?

That’s why I wrote A Nation Reclaims Respect. You see, incivility happened to me. Here’s what happened: I taught a workshop in California. A woman in the crowd misunderstood something I said. She was clearly offended.

So, what did she do? She sent me a blistering email about a week later. In it, she said she had already shared her issue with her church council members. She wanted an email back from me apologizing and providing an explanation.

I didn’t even know what it was she was talking about. I did know that her talk to the church council was an act of gossip. I also realized this wasn’t the time for an “email dump” back to her. Why? An email is not a conversation. When I suggested we have a conversation, she refused.

Between the nightly news and this woman’s behavior, it became clear to me that, as an author, I should write something that would help all of us focus on the issue of respect: civilized behavior.

I began to research the subject of respect. Two years and 20 edits later, the end product is the book A Nation Reclaims Respect. Meanwhile, our world continues to show signs of disrespect. For my research, I reflected on the New Testament. I was reminded about how much practical wisdom there is in the Bible.

I learned that “respect” is described as civility. Humans should be civilized. As I looked at the troubles of our world, it became clear: Disrespect disrupts our lives.

Without respect, we drift toward uncivilized life. If enough people drift from respect, a nation moves toward uncivilized culture. It threatens civilization.

Have you studied the history of the Roman Empire? I have visited Rome several times. I’ve seen the Colosseum and other ancient ruins. It was a magnificent empire. The Romans conquered much of the Mediterranean world. They had one of the greatest and most feared armies in history. No one could conquer Rome.

However, the Roman Empire experienced “civility drift.” It materialized in orgies and disrespectful practices—like killing people for sport. The empire began to crumble. No one conquered Rome; they conquered themselves. History has many examples. The question for us: Are we drinking that poison?

In my book A Nation Reclaims Respect, I share practical ways to improve your life. As I wrote the book, my level of respect improved. It changed my life.

If you become more civil, respectful, and polite, will you change the world? Yes and no. Yes, you become part of the solution. No, you cannot change the world by yourself. However, you will learn about the “Infectious Principle.” Your respect rubs off on others.

A Nation Reclaims Respect is a book, yet it’s much more. It is a movement. Come along. Let’s make history together. Become a champion for a better world!

Kent R. Hunter and Tracee J. Swank are church consultants and authors of A Nation Reclaims Respect, available on Amazon.com and ChurchDoctor.org.

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