Many Christians are disturbed about numerous issues in our world today. Are you one of them? The economy is in a recession. Politics is, well, often disturbing. Gun violence is incomprehensible. Morality is a mess. Wars and rumors of wars lurk in the shadows.

There is no need to continue on this negative theme. There is no need to mess with the maladies. You may likely have already felt discouraged before I reminded you. And you should feel that way—sometimes.

It’s a well-worn question, but there is no better way to say it: “What would Jesus do?” What should Christians do? What should your church do? What should denominational leaders do? Should Christians take a stand? What is nonnegotiable?

Think about this: What, as a Christian, should you not do? What message should believers not promote? To say it another way, on what hill will we stand? On what hills will we not take a stand? These are great questions for followers of Jesus right now.

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Church Doctor Report - September/October 2022
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