The COVID pandemic season has been a macro testing season for churches and their members. However, life-and-death realities increase receptivity among those who focus on a positive future for their lives, nations, and the next generation. The growing volatility of our nation increases the receptivity of unbelievers and new believers. It is why God sent Jesus when Israel—“God’s land”—was occupied by cruel and pagan Roman soldiers. Macro events such as COVID and political divide, rising inflation, and cost of living all fuel the inner passion for peace, tranquility, progress, and raising a healthy next generation. This should be the spiritual posture of the local church and its leaders.

The challenges for most churches include: (1) tired and old, yet sanctified, church leaders (both staff and members); (2) trends toward syncretism with non-biblical cultural trends; (3) worn-out patterns and facilities that communicate outdated signals to new generations; (4) clergy and laity that have little to no training in biblical missiology or who fail to recognize the mission field most of the country has become; (5) worn-out vocabulary and systems that speak irrelevancy to unchurched Americans; and (6) a non-biblical approach focused on a “you all come” mentality in a faith primarily designed to “go” to the people—which reshapes a local church from a destination to a launchpad.

None of these issues are insurmountable, yet they require church leadership to allow a rebirth of practice while holding firm to biblical basics.

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