Thanksgiving is coming! In our turbulent world, there is much for which we can thank God. What are you thankful for?

We are thankful to be alive and for family, our health, churches, and the ministry of Church Doctor Ministries.

We are thankful we have helped thousands of church leaders all over the world. We’re thankful for Kent’s 35 published books—in several languages. It has to be a “God thing”!

We are thankful that—over the years—we have helped thousands of congregations in the US, representing 78 denominations as well as nondenominational and independent churches.

We are also thankful that there are many churches that could use our help—and the challenges they face are making them receptive to getting help.

We are thankful for people like you who pray for us, encourage us, and support this work financially. Our world desperately needs healthy, mission-effective congregations. Thank you!

Our prayer is that God blesses you abundantly with a GREAT THANKSGIVING!

God bless you!

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