prayerDear Friend of Church Doctor Ministries,

How often do you tangibly thank God?  For health, for life, for family, for your church, for your pastor?  Ever notice, in church, how much we ask God for healing, comfort, safety, guidance?  And, when we receive these blessings, how we thank God…not so much?

Jesus healed ten people with leprosy.  Leprosy was as scary in the first century as Ebola is in ours.  The Bible says that only one of the people with leprosy returned to say thanks.  We tell pastors, if you preach a great sermon, and ten people thank you on the way out of church, there are probably a hundred who thought it was great.  Just multiply times ten!

Worse than Ebola and leprosy, is people living without Jesus Christ.  And churches who are ineffective at reaching them.  By God’s amazing grace, He uses Church Doctor Ministries to bring outreach healing to many Christians, church leaders and churches.  We are honored to be in such a ministry, and we praise God for what He does.  He gets the honor and glory!

Would you join us in tangibly thanking Him for this ministry?  Would you give a special, tangible thank offering for the blessings God gives through this work?

This would help us help others so much!  This Thanksgiving season, will you join us in thanking God with a thank offering that will help us heal churches?

Thank you for your prayers and support!

Kent R. Hunter
Founder, Church Doctor Ministries

Tracee J. Swank
Leader, Church Doctor Ministries

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