Ten Ways to Turn Your Church Inside Out

  1. group-work-454882_640Develop a culture beyond “inviting” and “bringing” to church as primary strategies. Add more focus on taking Christianity to others.
  2. Build this worldview among Christians. Church is not a destination but a launch pad.
  3. Resurrect this culture: Every Christian is a missionary, a “sent one,” every day. A trip to Walmart is a short-term mission trip.
  4. Develop the concept that the mission field for your church is not “a circle on a map, reaching a three-mile radius,” but those far from God in your social network: friends, relatives, neighbors, and those at work or school. The platform for mission is not geographic. It is relational.
  5. The most effective strategy? Church leaders disciple Christians to be missionaries. This occurs more in one-on-one development (in a relationship) than in a class or through preaching.
  6. All people matter to God. However, strategic breakthrough for movement comes when you reach across cultural or social barriers.
  7. Stretch the mission horizons in your church. There is a unique and special opportunity for Kingdom growth when you reach the least, the last, and the lost.
  8. The strategy for reaching the least, the last, and the lost is to meet needs. However, avoid defining “mission” as only meeting needs.
  9. As needs are met, continue to sensitively develop relationships, and when appropriate, share the gospel. This has even more Kingdom value when you move to step number ten.
  10. Disciple new Christians to become missionaries to their own social networks. These networks are usually filled with nonbelievers. When one of them experiences a spiritual life change, the movement of the gospel explodes in growth exponentially.

This is excerpted from the January/February Church Doctor Report – Turning Your Church Inside Out: What Are You Missing?.

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