Reaching Unchurched People Today

  1. firefighter-23765_640Become a “God-watcher” of your community, a loving observer of those who are without Christ.
  2. Help those in your church face the reality: We are on a greatly secularized mission field.
  3. Spread the news: People without Christ are more receptive to be reached than ever before in your lifetime.
  4. Use the key entry point: There is hope for your hopelessness.
  5. Influence by the positive, not the negative: Don’t talk about what you’re against; focus on what you are for.
  6. Encourage Christians to reorient their self-perceptions: Missionaries aren’t just people who go overseas. Every Christian is a missionary, everywhere, all the time. A trip to Wal-Mart is a short-term mission trip.
  7. Change your theme, tempo, and focus from “business as usual” to a sense of urgency.
  8. Wrestle with this challenge: You can’t reach unchurched people effectively using the methods you used before.
  9. Preach, teach, and communicate a sense of urgency. It is personal: If you don’t apply outreach methods that work, your church will slowly dwindle, age, lose momentum, and die.
  10. Communicate the signs that a move of God has already begun in the U.S. You have two choices: Wake up and make changes, or sleep right through it.

This is excerpted from the November/December 2015 Church Doctor Report – Is There a Four-Alarm Fire In Your Church?: Reaching Unchurched People Today.

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