This is excerpted from the March/April 2015 Church Doctor Report. You may read the full report here.

  1. See the opportunity: the mission field is coming to you.
  2. Do not be afraid: most Muslims feel the same about terrorism as you do.
  3. Recognize that immigrants in a new country are eager to make friends. This makes them receptive to your Christian faith.
  4. Do not hesitate to start a conversation, to ask if they are practicing Muslims.
  5. Be sensitive to gender appropriate conversations.
  6. Learn more about how to approach Muslims. Check the resources listed in this issue.
  7. Invite a Muslim family to your home for a meal, and build a relationship that might lead to a faith conversation.
  8. Ask your new Muslim friend if he/she is practicing their faith.
  9. Seize THE GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY presented by the publicity surrounding ISIS. Most nominal Muslims are against violence.
  10. Contact POBLO to help your church reach Muslims in your community.

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