How much effort do you put into intentionally thinking about space when it comes to the effectiveness of your church? Below are ten ways to increase the power of space for your church. Read a more in-depth discussion about the power of space in the May/June 2014 Church Doctor Report.

Ten Ways to Increase the Power of Space

  1. Move staff closer together.
  2. Spatially connect ministries that cooperate.
  3. Reduce the gulf between the preacher and the congregation.
  4. Name your space with words that communicate.
  5. Recognize the power of first impressions.
  6. Think of your lobby like Starbucks.
  7. Impact newcomers: parking, reception, bathrooms, nursery.
  8. Focus on unspoken, visual messages in the worship space.
  9. Move, as much as possible, to a marketplace setting.
  10. The pastor’s best ministry occurs out of the office.

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