Ten Moves Toward Biblical Leadership

  1. Alex & DaleLeaders are called, not elected or recruited.
  2. God raises leaders, they are not chosen by people.
  3. Leadership is a spiritual gift God gives to some, not all.
  4. Leadership is also a role, exercised best in the church among those who have an intimate connection with the head of the church and therefore display the wisdom of Christ.
  5. Change led by leaders is top down, unbiblical, and impractical: it runs off believers and splits churches.
  6. Jesus did not raise up leaders. He developed disciples.
  7. Leadership is political. Discipleship is relational.
  8. Leadership can become manipulation. Discipleship is about multiplication.
  9. Leadership does not birth discipleship. Discipleship gives birth to leadership.
  10. Disciples become leaders of influence. They are humble seed planters of spiritual power so great, it changes lives, churches, communities, and nations.

This was taken from the September/October 2014 Church Doctor Report – Why Churches Struggle with Change: Jesus’ Amazing Approach to Leadership Development.

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