Ten Jesus Motivation Insights

  1. The joy in your church translates directly to the production of those involved in service.
  2. Serving God is a joyful experience when you are in your “sweet spot.”
  3. Your “sweet spot” is determined by the Holy Spirit and the spiritual gifts given uniquely to you.
  4. Divine motivation powers Christians when their efforts make an eternal impact. That power comes only from God.
  5. Messages on law, fear, and threat get attention, but messages on grace, love and forgiveness get results.
  6. Add more fun to worship, outreach, service, financial giving, and Bible study, and people will be increasingly motivated to participate.
  7. Put increased emphasis on celebration when there are baptisms, new members join, and prayers are answered, and people will be more enthusiastic about their faith and involvement.
  8. Spend more time laughing at church meetings, and they will become more productive.
  9. Train the preacher, and worship team, and/or choir to smile while they speak and sing.
  10. When confronting a wayward believer, begin and end with a positive, and put your correction in the middle.

This was taken from the November/December 2014 Church Doctor Report – What Motivates Christians? Surprising Lessons from Jesus.

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