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support-487506_640Easter is Jesus’ triumph over sin, death, and the enemy.  Not just for Him, but for anyone who believes in Him.  Jesus died so people can live — in peace, in hope.

As you know, many are without God’s hope or peace.  Broken lives are all around us.  When Jesus said, “I will build My church”, He initiated a movement to reach those without hope and far from peace.  There is no other mechanism like the church.

That is what drives us at Church Doctor Ministries.  We have been dedicated to help the church of Jesus for thirty-five years.  This has been our only focus.  For the last thirteen years we have invested thousands of hours on a new discovery.  We know of no other ministry that has achieved this breakthrough.

To summarize: Church health comes from recapturing the culture of God’s Kingdom, (when Jesus taught, “The Kingdom of God is like….” ) Church health is the key to church effectiveness to make disciples.

The cost of developing the many components that will help churches is just over a hundred thousand dollars.  As you celebrate your salvation of Easter, would you please pray about how God may utilize your generosity to help us help churches.  Why?  So others may know Jesus and celebrate Easter also.

We thank you in advance for your partnership and investment in this very unique breakthrough!

In the resurrected Christ,

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To support our ministry with prayer, please contact Jason Atkinson and request to join our ministry prayer partner network.

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