Christian history is like a rollercoaster. At the top, everyone is tight with God and things are great. Then people take God for granted and the rollercoaster turns into a downward spiral. It continues and life in civilization gets worse and worse. When it reaches the bottom of the spiritual rollercoaster, it results in a secularized nation.

Read the signs of the civilization around you. Where do you think we are? What do you think God will do next? At the bottom of the rollercoaster, people become hopeless. When people get hopeless, God gets our attention.

In Luke 12:56-59 Jesus said we should be able to read the signs. Can you read the signs? Does your church operate as Christians who read the signs?

If you look around, it seems quite clear: the time is ripe for revival. It is time when Jesus will turn everything right side up, including the church, including me…including you (Luke 12:49- 50).

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