For the past several years, our staff team has been collecting Signs of Revival we have been noticing. We would like to invite you to join us in praying for revival. If you notice anything you would like added to this list, please e-mail Kent at


  1. The bottom of the roller coaster — hopelessness. Ask unchurched people, “What do you think it will be like for your grandchildren?”
  2. Growth in Holy Discontent.
  3. The 100+ million people who watched the television series “The Bible” on the History Channel.
  4. The growing Christian film and book industries: Son of God; God is Not Dead; Heaven is For Real.
  5. The open dress code that has penetrated most churches.
  6. The increase in interest in Round Tables that deal with Effective Outreach Strategies
  7. The megachurches.
  8. Churches like Cedar Creek — video venue.
  9. The multi-site churches — technology – video venue.
  10. Churches like Destiny in a strip mall in Kendallville, Indiana — church led by a lay pastor.
  11. Churches like Journey in Cincinnati, Ohio — massive outreach to young adults.
  12. Churches like LakePointe — church for the unchurched.
  13. Churches like Threshold — inside out.
  14. The movement in Appalachia.
  15. SEND North America and other ministries equipping young adults in postmodern-style training for mission and outreach. Youth on fire for God.
  16. Young adults who, primed to be challenged, are authentic by nature, won’t play church, want to make a difference, and are natural networkers.
  17. The growing army of young adults who want to make a difference: the SEND training movement.
  18. The degrees of young adult spiritual revolution. Short-burst camps emerging for young adults.
  19. Increasing outreach to Muslims, and Muslims who are now Christians reaching other Muslims.
  20. Rearranging of denominations into networks that are committed to mission, and reduced high control including LCMC and EPC.
  21. Urbana, YWAM, Campus Crusade, and others.
  22. The Willow Creek Leadership Summit and the growing number of people participating, worldwide.
  23. Growth of Hispanics in church.
  24. Ministry moving from being cause-oriented (only) to human care ministries (human trafficking, etc.) Engagement ministries.
  25. The “Baby Boomerang” — Boomers coming back to church.
  26. Move toward relational.
  27. Persecution is increasing; Christianity is being marginalized.
  28. New translations of the Bible.
  29. Pope Francis: revival-based background. Jesuit/Argentine.
  30. Rejection of the system: Back to simple life. Basics/Simple Church book.
  31. Resurgence in mission focus in churches.
  32. Focus on substance of faith, order in a chaotic world.
  33. God moving in particular individuals; responding to fear-based religions.
  34. Media influencing faith: YouTube, Internet, television.
  35. Documentary of church working with Roosevelt High School in Portland, Oregon —- UnDivided.
  36. The ongoing revolution in Christian contemporary music: Hillsong, Australia; Worship Central, London – next? Nashville?
  37. Some YMCAs, like one in Monroe, Michigan, and a new YMCA in Toledo, Ohio, bringing the “C” back into the original vision, with Bible study, worship groups, partnership with churches, scripture painted on the walls, free vacation Bible schools, and a newly constructed YMCA that has a chapel.
  38. The Book: The Bible’s History, Narrative, and Impact, developed by Green Scholars Initiative (the Green family – Hobby Lobby). This four-year public high school elective course now being field-tested in Mustang Public Schools (Oklahoma), to be offered throughout the country at an inexpensive textbook price.
  39. Increase — starting in Christmas season 2014 of the use of “Merry Christmas” — a reverse in trend toward “Happy Holidays.”
  40. The effective discipleship of immigrants coming to America, particularly from the Middle East, through International Friendship Centers based in Christian congregations and developed by POBLO Ministries International.

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