Sheffield Traveler Testimonies

Here’s what other Church Doctor Ministries/Sheffield Pilgrimage Travel Team members shared about their experience…

The things I learned on this trip will not only change my church, but will change the way I live my life. I met God in a new way this week. (Mark Baker)

This was the most beautiful and challenging experience of my life. (Clayton Johnson)

I’ve, to date, experienced the biggest Kairos moment in my life. (Sam Humberger).

This was a fantastic experience to be immersed and catch a vision. (Becky Burtless-Creps)

Life-changing (Chris Eder)

Invaluable! (Shelley Stephenson)

The emersion component of this movement is critical—one has to be here in Sheffield to “catch it.” (Shelley Stephenson)

The Sheffield Pilgrimage will stand as a point of reference in my faith journey and call as a pastor. (Chrysanne Timm)

A very blessed trip. (Stephen Sohns)

Very inspirational. (Wayne Register)

The infectious enthusiasm, and genuineness of all people connected with St. Thomas has demonstrated that doing church in a missional fashion is not only biblical, but very powerful and practical on a day-to-day level. (Jeff Kunsman)

For anyone looking at missional transformation or extension of their church, this is a marvelous and inspiring week. (Bruce Franson)

This trip radically changed my perspective on mission. (Chad Burtless-Creps)

The Lord has refreshed my heart, and reconfirmed His purposes for me. (Jay Sloan)

It as an awakening in regard to missional approach. (James Fry)

I have been both challenged and invited to be more clear, intentional, and consistent with my/our vision. (David Ray)

Going to Sheffield allowed me to see the 1st Century church lived out in the 21st Century. (Bryan Schindel)


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