At Church Doctor Ministries, our culture has banned the word “problems.” It might simply be semantics to some people, but we choose to call them “challenges.” For us, the change of words signifies that God works everything for good—even “challenges.”

It seems this might have been an attitude adjustment for the Apostle Paul as well. He shared it in his second letter to the congregation at Corinth. This letter was then circulated throughout the province of Achaia.

The Kingdom of God impacts us with a different culture—a culture of God’s Kingdom. It changes our attitudes and our worldviews about everything. In verses 3-11 of the first chapter of this letter, Paul talks about hard times. When we face challenges, God is with us. When others face challenges, we can be there for them. We can be a divine conduit through which God brings healing and salvation.

This is God’s way of providing a helping hand, an encouraging word. Tough times can teach anyone to trust in God rather than in their own strength. Paul makes the point: God can help! After all, He has the power to raise the dead!

This is personal for every Christian. God turns challenges into faith-strengthening experiences. God also works through Christians like you to reach others who are far from Him. When someone in your social network who is not a believer has a challenge and shares it with you, what do you do?

Do you scroll your history as a believer to see if you’ve had a similar experience? If you do, did your faith in God provide a connection for God to help that person, through you? Do you share your story—your God story—with that person?

If you do, you are witnessing. You don’t have to quote the Bible. You don’t need to be an evangelist or a theologian. Just relate how you believe God helped you. Keep it simple.

You know what? If everyone in your church learned to do that, together, you would become God’s platform for a revival. Don’t make sharing your faith difficult. Just be there for others, and share what God has done in your life.

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