Greetings in Christ!

Praise God – you made it through your first weekend of what was likely a very different approach to church and worship. As more news, restrictions, and information comes regarding COVID-19 you might be wondering what Christians can learn from this global pandemic and if any good can come from this.

We are not medical doctors, law enforcement authorities, or elected officials. Our focus and purpose in creating this special edition is to help Christians see how God is working in this challenging time. It is to be applied while you follow the advice and instructions of those entities.

We know meeting in groups right now is not recommended, so we encourage you to simply forward this information to your small groups, leadership teams, staff teams, and through your social media channels as a way to help equip people as they navigate this challenging time. Our prayer is that this will help give Christians something to do and think about as their normal ministry routines have been disrupted.

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Special Note – What we’re doing at Church Doctor Ministries to help:

1) If you have specific prayer requests regarding COVID-19 please email those to Jason Atkinson at

2) If you would like to speak to one of our team members, coaches, or consultants about how to adjust your worship services, ministry activities to meet new CDC guidelines please call 1.800.626.8515. For the months of March and April we are waiving all coaching fees. If you need help with figuring out how to do church and need someone to talk to – call us, we want to help!

God bless you all,

Tracee Swank,
Leader, Church Doctor Ministries

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