As you may know, the book Who Broke My Church? 7 Proven Strategies for Renewal and Revival is available to the public September 12, 2017. This book is the result of 35 years of consulting more than 1,100 churches in 65 different denominations and, most recently, 15 years of intensive research and field testing, all for the cause of Christ, for renewal in churches and revival in our land. This research has included 17,000 anonymous surveys of people in worship and 5,500 one-on-one interviews with members of churches. Many of those interviewed or completing a questionnaire are very likely from your church, including you. We thank God for all of the input that He has inspired to this book.

We have a request: On September 10, 2017, we would be grateful if you would pray that God would use this to help bring about renewal in churches everywhere that lost people may come to faith in Jesus Christ through thriving churches, to the glory of Jesus Christ. We believe in the power of prayer, and we believe God honors prayer. We also know from history that every revival has been preceded by fervent prayer. We would be deeply grateful if you would include this contribution to the help of churches in the prayers of your public worship on September 10, 2017.

Thank you, and God bless your ministry!



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