It’s pretty clear, if you read Luke 19:12-26. God desires that His followers multiply for His Kingdom. Why don’t more people do that?

One reason is they don’t get it. This could be considered the Enemy’s strategy of fog. The fog keeps Christians from seeing the most dramatically potential strategy for reaching the world on behalf of the King of the universe.

A second reason is that it feels risky. That would be the Enemy’s lie. I’m not sure what Jesus would say about that, but I believe it would be something like: “Get over it!” But then, we know Jesus would say this: Risk has its rewards. Here’s what it says in Luke 19:26: “Risk your life and get more than you ever dreamed of. Play it safe and you end up holding the bag.”

Are you a Christian holding the bag? When I look at Christians in worship, you don’t see so many these days anymore holding hymnals. But in truth, most of them are holding the bag. Can’t you just hear people say, “Me? Share my faith? I couldn’t do that!” There’s a serious spiritual flaw with that kind of comment. What is it? Would Jesus, the perfect God/Man, ask you to do something that only had the result of failure? I don’t think so!

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