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Church Government PrinciplesWhy isn’t there a chapter in the Bible with a model church constitution? Because every church is different: by size, culture, setting, and time in history. Things change!

What don’t change are the universal principles—biblical dynamics—that the Bible clearly provides about how we relate to one another in the decision-making process.

Learn about low-control/high-accountability, light-weight/low-maintenance, low-institutionalism/high-relationships. Find freedom from the tyranny of an unbiblical church government.

Congregational MeetingsMost people report the low point of their Christianity is when the church gathers for a meeting. In fact, more people leave the church based on frustrations related to meetings than anything else.

Why do you think the majority of church members rarely attend? Are congregational meetings sacred? Could they be against biblical principles? Do they provide a platform for control-oriented naysayers?

You  know the questions. Now find the answers.

Heart and Soul of the ChurchWhen Vince Lombardi began coaching the Green Bay Packers, he gathered the team and said, “Gentlemen, this is a football.” Great coaches help people focus on the core values that drive behavior, that make the difference, that bring effectiveness. This monograph focuses on the core value of a biblical worldview and how it impacts church behavior. Most churches focus on the symptoms.

This resource will help you get to the issue behind the issue, understand in what business the church is, and will be a great discussion piece for decision makers in your church.

How To Start A Mission Department In Your ChurchEver been on a short-term mission trip? Without a doubt, it is one of the most transforming experiences in the life of a Christian.

This monograph provides a step-by-step procedure for developing a mission department that will provide mission education and opportunities for people to be transformed.

 The Issues Behind the IssuesDo you ever react negatively to change? Do others in your church? Learn about the problem with “Wal-Mart Christianity.” Identify how to determine your priorities. Set the stage for change that won’t rock the boat but move it forward!
Membership IssuesIs membership in a church a biblical idea? Is it useful? Will postmodern, young adults ever want to become members? Learn about the major trend away from institutions toward relationships.

How does a church change to reflect a culture of social networking? What are the alternatives? Effectively reaching unchurched people has changed the approach from Believe › Behave › Belong to Belong › Believe Behave. How does your church adopt to this missional posture?

Preaching for ImpactThis monograph is a must-read for anyone who preaches to God’s people and has the desire to be relevant, biblical, and meaningful. Based on research in hundreds of congregations, and interviews with thousands who listen to preaching every Sunday, this resource provides practical guidance to help preachers engage their listeners without compromising biblical integrity. In fact, this is the biblical approach to proclaiming the Good News.
Purpose, People, Programs, PropertyEach person looks at the church from a different perspective. Four major perspectives are reviewed and the distinctives of thinking are ascribed to each. This is a great way to understand where people are coming from. It also shows why people in the same church often come into conflict.
Relocating or Building a Church: Lessons From RealityThe most challenging projects your church can face have to do with relocation or building. The potential for division, mass exodus, frustration, and tension are enormous. But so are the opportunities!

Thousands of churches need to relocate, renovate, or build. This document is a blueprint that should be read by every leader, those on a building committee or planning group, as well as those who are trustees or serve on building and grounds committees.

Restructuring the Church: Congregational GovernmentIs there a biblical pattern for church government? What works best for decision making? More frustration, dissension and conflict come out of church business meetings than any other part of the life of the local congregation.

This document represents years of studying local churches, and it provides insights on how to organize congregational government in a way that facilitates the mission and ministry of your church.

Must-reading for discussion and implementation of church leaders at least every five years in order to reshape and update the structure that works best for you.

The Sheffield ReportSt. Thomas’ Church in Sheffield, England, is the epicenter of the massive revival movement now spreading throughout the globe. It is the only destination Church Doctor Ministries repeatedly takes groups to visit every year in June. Why? A movement is more caught than taught.

This movement represents the best chance for worldwide revival in modern history. It has all the elements of a 21st century New Testament Church: a culture, language, missional structure, and a catechism based on iconic symbols. Young adults are being reached throughout England, the European Continent, and, now, elsewhere around the world.

Structural IssuesEvery church leader has inherited structures that appear sacred and untouchable. Are committees a good idea or a “turn off” to most postmodern-era young adults? How do you handle finances and expenditures?

Consider the value or harm from the idea of a quorum at church meetings. What is the best way for a church to add staff? Is a term limit a biblical idea? Learn about the role of accountability—which is almost absent from most churches. What is the role of discipleship?

Who Is In Control?”My whole world is changing. You are not going to change my church!”

Ever hear this? Control is a big issue in the local church. Bring about change and the pastor usually becomes the lightening rod for reaction. Control-oriented people need to be loved, but challenged.

This document provides practical steps on how to deal with control issues, which are rampant in many churches.

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