The Jesus Enterprise, About the book

The Jesus Enterprise is about developing ministries that engage non-Christians around you and building bridges so the Gospel can do what the Gospel does: change people’s lives. This is a book about sharing that good news in such a way that you are a bridge, not a roadblock.

The Jesus Enterprise is all about doing ministry in Jesus’ style. In spite of the risk and criticism, Jesus’ passion to seek and save the lost drove him to engage the culture.

Churches around the country are seeking new ways to attract followers. One Church in Indiana has opened a Starbucks in the lobby of the church to create a more inviting atmosphere. Another in Houston is set to open a McDonald’s. And one in Maine has an on-site fitness center.

Enterprise ministries are God’s strategy for reaching any culture in any age. It’s so simple, biblical and profound you’ll wonder why most Christians and churches don’t get it. But you can, and will, through The Jesus Enterprise.

What others are saying…

“We know of two requirements for communicating the meaning of Christianity’s gospel to pre-Christian populations in any “mission field”: we have to “exegete” the biblical text, and we have to “exegete” the cultural context. Many Christians who are involved in foreign mission know and do both, but most leaders whose churches are called to reach America’s mission field are oblivious to the second requirement; they haven’t a clue. To equip American church leaders to make sense of their target population’s culture, this book takes the place of the one we never had before!”
George G. Hunter III, Distinguished Professor of Church Growth and Evangelism, School of World Missions and Evangelism, Asbury Theological Seminary

The Jesus Enterprise is a treasure chest of inspiration, challenge, and practical roll-up-your-sleeves guidance from one of the most important voices in church health today. Hunter charts an effective ministry path for the church to follow for years to come. Every chapter of this book is rich with meaningful insights into growing outward-bound mission centers. This isn’t the kind of book to simply place in your library. This is a manual for ministry to be applied to every phase of your church’s mission. Buy it! Study it! Share it!
Arlen Salte, Founder, Break Forth Canada

Kent captures the mandate of Jesus for the church of every size and time—mission engagement. Every member of your board needs to read this book.
Mike Slaughter, Senior Pastor, Ginghamsburg Church, Tipp City, Ohio

This book comes with a long fuse—one that will keep you and your church on fire for years to come.
Leonard Sweet, Drew Theological School,

With his no-nonsense style of writing, numerous illustrations, and step-by-step approach to helping Christians grow into “enterprising congregations,” Hunter gives today’s church a much needed road map to the future! The Jesus Enterprise is a comprehensive look at strategies that reach people so that any church, regardless of size, can creatively engage its culture.
Dr. Bob Whitesel, C3 International

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