The Jesus Enterprise

What is a Jesus Enterprise?

A Jesus Enterprise ministry can be defined as: identifying and meeting felt needs in the culture, genuinely caring for others, building relationship bridges, and communicating the gospel in a relevant way.The bridges that God uses are relationships. They are divine conduits which provide the environment to not only meet felt needs with integrity, but also to engage the culture in a way that leads to a Christian witness.

Meeting felt needs and building bridges are indispensable to the Jesus enterprise. Ultimately, this leads to engaging culture for the purpose of relevant gospel communication.

On the front end, people are more interested in knowing if Christianity works. In other words, they want to know if God makes a difference in their lives

Enterprise ministry includes an unconditional acceptance of others. This is what Jesus did. “Jesus successfully extended both arms of salvation to those who were lost, disenfranchised and without hope in Israel. Through compassionate interaction he extended the opportunity for them to receive eternal life, while also reaching out to feed the hungry, heal the sick, and encourage the outcast.”

Enterprising ministry is an effort intentionally designed to engage people around you. It requires an ability to abandon the structural aspects of your faith that seem comfortable to you but are foreign to non-Christians. While the Gospel itself sometimes offends people, the way you share the Gospel should not.

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