The Damascus Road Training

The Damascus Road: Where Christians Become Missionaries

Welcome to Missionary School 101. Many Christians have not thought of their own personal “mission field.” Your best outreach potential is to those in your social network who have not met Jesus. The greatest challenge? How? How do I reach out?

The “how” is called “mission” strategy. As you travel the road to Damascus, you will learn mission strategy for the everyday Christian. These teachings are not geared toward professional church workers, but for any Christian who wants to represent Jesus to those who do not yet know Him.

This 18 DVD set provides teaching, which includes downloadable participant outlines. Your church can provide a mission school DVD series that can be used in large or small groups, or be used for individual instruction. This teaching is for Christians to learn Great Commission strategy.

Orders are now being taken for the DVD series

  • Over 20 hours of mission school teaching presented by Dr. Kent R. Hunter
  • Complete 18 DVD set including participant guide = $499

Submit your order information and payment to Dave Beare:


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